The ocean, full of mysteries and marvels. Scientists call it "Mother Nature" I call it "God's Awesome Creation" To even believe that the ocean simply evolved is to be naive indeed. The science involved in the daily actions of the ocean, had to have been designed by a vastly superior mind than the puny mind of man could ever conceive. Take for instance, the wave below which is apparently the biggest wave on earth, and is found at Pico Alto - Perú. The roaring forties produces these types of waves year round. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, how about surfing a 40 to 50 foot wave. This video is freaky ... They don't say how big this wave is, but take a measurement of the size of the surfer against the size of the wave behind and in front of him, and it is quite easily 30 to 40 feet or longer. Don't try this at home folks. You have got to know what you are doing when you take on one of these. Get caught under the cresting wave and you will experience what it is like to have several tons of water crashing on your head. (My estimate : in his crouched position on his surfboard, I estimate his height around 5 ft. Based on that scale, the wave is roughly 10 to 12 times larger. Which makes the wave around 50ft to 60ft high. NOT MY IDEA OF FUN)